• an opportunity to study or work in the oldest continuously active secondary school in Estonia; in the school providing varied and high-level education.

• an opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of managing the school, system of departments, internal assessment and the organisation of studies at Gustav Adolf Grammar School.

• an opportunity to see and learn about the 13th-century campus of Gustav Adolf Grammar School. There are few similar campuses in Estonia, which have been in continuous use for more than 800 years. We also offer guided tours around the school house to those interested.

• an opportunity to hold different events in the historical rooms of Gustav Adolf Grammar Schools: the Chapter Hall, the Angel’s Courtyard, Kotzebue building, etc.

• an opportunity to visit the history museum of Gustav Adolf Grammar School and learn about the history of the school and education in Estonia in general;

• an opportunity to attend ICT conferences organised by Gustav Adolf Training Centre (www.gakk.ee) and Gustav Adolf Grammar School;

• an opportunity to learn about the history and layout of organs as well as attend organ concerts and festivals.

• International co-operation and sharing experience between teachers and personnel (ICT and modern teaching methods, entrepreneurial studies, language and cultural studies, leadership, self-assessment, learning process, further training);

• Teacher exchange and job shadowing;

• International co-operation and sharing experience between students (student projects,student companies, research papers, student council);

• International school visits for students.

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