In Gustav Adolf Grammar School, ICT is integrated into every subject at all levels by using different free learning and web environments, computer labs, and innovative methods. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) method is used in lessons and the students are involved in various eTwinning projects.


The curriculum stresses the use of modern technology and it is in the 1st year that the basis is laid for teaching programming. The teachers educate colleagues on how to use ICT in different subjects, give lessons to foreign visitors and are involved in national and international ICT seminars and conferences.


The ICT managers of the school are two students from upper secondary school. The classrooms are equipped with modern technology. In order to make the teaching more varied, every teacher has a multi-touch interactive smart board as well as a regular board in the classroom.

There is a good Wi-Fi connection in every classroom so that the use of ICT tools would be as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

Every classroom is equipped with a document camera, which teachers find very useful for illustrating their explanations and displaying tasks.

Besides computer labs, there are Makerspace, 3D printers, a recording studio and a virtual classroom in the complex.