Gustav Adolf Grammar School (GAGS) is one of the oldest grammar schools in Europe. The school was established in 1631 by Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden. The school is located in the Old Town of Tallinn and housed in the historical complex of buildings dating back to the 13th century.

The school premises comprise the main building, the language building, the gym building and the school history museum, which are located in the Old Town, the elementary school building is situated in Kotzebue Street, residential area of Kalamaja.

The school is a municipal school with about 1,400 students aged 7 to 19 and around 100 teachers. The school is characterised by its academic ambience and traditions, but also its innovative approach and openness to new ideas. Gustav Adolf Grammar School is in close cooperation with other educational establishments through various international projects and is the spearhead of educational innovation.




One of the principal values of the school is patriotism. We celebrate every important national event. In addition, all of our secondary school students attend a weeklong national defence camp and have, during the last year of secondary school, the opportunity to march during the Independence Day assembly.

Every year, the students of Gustav Adolf Grammar School attend the meeting commemorating the Tartu Peace Treaty and the Independence Day assembly.






Gustav Adolf Grammar School specialises in both, sciences and humanities, providing its students with comprehensive knowledge and opportunities for personal fulfilment in primary and secondary school. The school teaches sciences as well as the English, French and Swedish languages and culture.

Gustav Adolf Grammar School is one of the best schools in the country – it is a school that has highly motivated students who achieve remarkable results at national and international levels in different fields: state exams, olympiads, student contests, sports, music, ICT, contests for student companies, for organising and participating in various projects.

Our primary school has two fields to specialise in:

• French

• general studies

Our secondary school offers students the option of specialising in:

• English and French

• Sciences and natural studies

• Swedish

• Mathematics and English

Secondary school students can choose several elective courses: entrepreneurship, philosophy, religion, debating, drama, programming, genetics, biochemistry, etc. Our students are active in choosing additional courses from Tartu University School of Exact Sciences. Gustav Adolf Grammar School prepares its students for B2-C2 international language tests: Delf Scolaire, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL.

Students of Gustav Adolf Grammar School have been selected to represent Estonia in global and European olympiads.

In addition, the school has been arranging the science olympiad between the oldest schools of the Baltic states for more than 25 years. Since 2008, the best students form six partner schools from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, and Russia compete in solving tasks in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.


Gustav Adolf Grammar School is managed according to the principles and values agreed upon by the whole school. The staff, students, and parents are all involved in the leadership model, and the desired quality is ensured by internal assessment. The uniqueness of the school is characterised by the involvement of different interested parties in running the school: teachers through the system of departments, students through the student council, parents through the parents’ council, alumni through the alumni council. Co-operation with other schools enables sharing experience and learning from each other, also on an international level.

Gustav Adolf Foundation supports the comprehensive development of the students. Gustav Adolf Foundation also operates Gustav Adolf Education Centre and Gustav Adolf Music School, which offer further training and studying opportunities for students and grown-ups from all over Estonia.

The school has been awarded in various categories:

• Well-managed School 2014

• Well-managed School Regarding Partnership 2013

• The best school in olympiads and student contests 2011–2018

• The best personnel project 2012 – internal training of the staff

• ”Digitally active school 2016” gold level presented by Information Technology Foundation for Education;

• The prize for the best school at the national contest for student inventors 2015;

• First place (secondary schools) at the XXXV school sports competitions presented by

Tallinn Education Department in 2017 and 2018;

• “Recognising school 2018” presented by Tallinn Education Department;

• “Best co-operative project 2018” presented by Tallinn Education Department;