Kotzebue building

In autumn 2017, the new Kotzebue building of Gustav Adolf Grammar School was opened at 9 Vana-Kalamaja, a short walk away from the historic main building in the Old Town of Tallinn.

The new building is used by the youngest students (forms 1 to 6). Kotzebue building is the most modern and innovative school house in Estonia with its schoolyard, two rooftop terraces, and a creative space, offering opportunities for various activities during and after school.



It caters for students who need activity and movement during breaks as well as students who are looking for some peace and quiet on their own or with a group of friends. The new school house was built on the principle that studying is not only confined to a classroom – the rooms are designed to encourage activity, meaningful activities during breaks and to provide light, openness and transparency.

The new school house was built for students to move around it in a meaningful way. The building has a health trail, which enables students and teachers alike to stretch their bodies. In addition, the second floor has a climbing area, which is very popular among students. The classrooms were built so that teachers and students would have plenty of storage space, with student having a small locker for storing personal items. In the middle of the school day, children have an hour-long break, meant for having lunch and exercising in fresh air. The school yard has a modern climbing area and a basketball court, which students can use during the long outdoor break. The long outdoor break takes place throughout the school-year reagrdless of weather conditions and is something that students really look forward to.